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IARCC Work Groups

What's next for Risk & Crisis Communication? What are the latest trends, fields of research, focus areas?

Our Work Groups are teams of volunteers who curate research, scan the horizon and produce valuable insights and though leadership content. They organize topical events and webinar and group discussions.

Discover their work below and feel free to join one of the IARCC Work Groups.

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Global Risk Trends

Focus: predictive analytics for crisis communication, horizon scanning, big data for trendwatching, analysis of latest published risk reports and more...

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Risk & Crisis Communication Technology

Focus: decentralized social networks, blockchain and artificial intelligence, OSINT for crisis and risk communication, simulation platforms and more...

Communicating the Climate Crisis

Focus on climate crisis communication, techniques, risk perception and community outreach, activation and analysis of existing research.

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Behavioural Resilience

Resilience is the ability to adapt successfully in the face of stress and adversity. What is the role of risk & crisis communication in giving people all the tools they need to prepare for, and manage stressful life events and emergencies?