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The IARCC Newsletter

The latest news of the Association
and in the field of Risk & Crisis Communication.

Philippe Borremans | Oct 24, 2022

We ran our first interactive crisis simulation exercise with IARCC members and our strategic partner Conducttr.

Philippe Borremans | Mar 01, 2022

The IARCC is compiling resources to support the humanitarian efforts in the context of the war in Ukraine.

Philippe Borremans | Feb 12, 2022

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development just released their first evaluation report on COVID-19 responses in several ...

Philippe Borremans | Feb 08, 2022

Opinion issued by the German Federal Council of Experts on COVID-19 (Stellungnahme des ExpertInnenrates der Bundesregierung zu COVID-19) of ...

Philippe Borremans | Feb 04, 2022

Risk and Crisis communication are two fields that have been operating separately for too long.