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Join our next webinar - May 12 - 10:00 WEST

Managing the Human Dimension of a Crisis

  • What are the needs and expectations of those affected by a disaster? 
  • What is the role of crisis communication in the aftermath of a crisis? 
  • How can communications experts assist those affected, and how can they play an important role when decisions need to be made regarding anniversaries, site visits and monuments?

These are some of the questions that will be discussed in this presentation, which will focus on the immediate aftermath as well as long-term care after a disaster.

The presentation will give hints regarding family assistance centers, monuments, anniversaries, DVI, personal effects and support groups, based on the presenter’s personal experience and research around the world.

About our speaker - Kjell Brataas

Kjell Brataas has worked with crisis communication and victim support on some of the biggest crises hitting Norway.

He had central positions after the tsunami in Asia in 2004, including weekly meetings with survivors and next-of kin and organizing travels back to Thailand in 2005.

After the terrorism attacks in Oslo and on Utoya on July 22nd 2011, he worked on media handling, internal communication and next-of-kin.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, Brataas headed a group of communications advisors from various ministries and the Office of the Prime Minister who worked on social media and crisis communication.

Kjell Brataas gives lectures and presentations in Norway as well as internationally and is the author of: “Managing the Human Dimension of Disasters - Caring for the Bereaved, Survivors and First Responders“ and “Crisis Communication – Case Studies and Lessons Learned from International Disasters“

IARCC Summit - 2022

Join us for a 2 day summit featuring top international speakers, thought leaders and researchers on Risk and Crisis Communication. The summit will consist of keynotes, interactive panel sessions and workshops. 

Obidos, Portugal, castle, village

The IARCC Summit 2022 will be held in the medieval city of Obidos, Portugal - One hour North of Lisbon.

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