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The International Association of Risk and Crisis Communication (IARCC) is dedicated to the research, the training and the development of best practices in risk and crisis communication worldwide.

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Network with other Risk & Crisis Communication Professionals and Peers

Increase your Preparedness & Knowledge through Training, Workshops and Courses

Contribute to the development of the Risk & Crisis Communication profession.

Access up to date news, information and thought leadership content.

The International Association of Risk and Crisis Communication (IARCC) is a non-profit organisation that promotes research, knowledge exchange and professional development in Risk and Crisis Communication worldwide.

Join a platform for risk and crisis communication professionals worldwide.

The IARCC provides members with a global community of peers, access to significant research on the latest trends in risk and crisis communication, as well as training programs that provide members with the skills they need to succeed. Our three membership options allow anyone in the profession to join our association.

Access proven research from leading experts.

We provide up-to-date knowledge on best practices for risk and crisis communication through our webinars, publications, and online courses for professionals seeking new ideas or looking to brush up on their skills. Our regular newsletter includes curated content from leading publications and thought leadership pieces from members.

Join an inclusive association of diverse professionals on a global scale.

Through our network of professionals from many countries, we promote the development of the field of risk and crisis communication. Our members include senior management from international organisations, NGOs, universities, government, consulting firms, media organisations and corporations.