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Simulation exercise with our partner Conducttr

We ran our first interactive crisis simulation exercise with IARCC members and our strategic partner Conducttr.

We ran our first co-designed IARCC member crisis simulation exercise with our strategic partner Conducttr some time ago and had a great first experience with their platform.

Over the course of several weeks, members, the Conducttr team and a topic specialist, in this case Bill Mew, came together to co-create a simulation exercise based on a cyber attack scenario.

Players had different roles and were immersed in a real time scenario. Injects included news clips, tweets and email updates via the secure Conducttr platform making for a realistic and continuously evolving situation.

We"re grateful for the professional guidance we received from Bill Mew who is a specialist on all thing cyber crime related and who didn't hesitate to share all his insights with us.

And without the support from our strategic partner we couldn't have developed this immersive experience.

We're currently working on the second edition and are looking forward to have again many members participate in this unique experience. 

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