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Risk & Crisis Communication
Webinar Series

Live Interactive Webinar

Timothy Coombs - Crisis Communication in the World of AI: When Theory and Practice Unite


    Thursday January 26 , 2023

    At 04:00 PM CET

    Live Webinar Session has ended now.

About the webinar:
Timothy Coombs's presentation tells the story of how one company built an Artificial Intelligence that can identify if an organization is in crisis, the type of crisis, and recommend response options.  The AI is driven by a set of algorithms that are derived from the situational crisis communication theory.  The example is used to illustrate how the challenges of big data can be translated into actionable crisis communication information and the role theory can play in that process.

What you'll learn:
➡️ Understand how algorithms (pattern) drive AI
➡️ Appreciate how theory can be used to create algorithms
➡️ Understand the process of building an AI to identify crises and recommend responses
➡️ Appreciate the role AI can play as a decision aid for human intelligence (HI) during crises

About Timothy Coombs:
W. Timothy Coombs (PhD Purdue University) is a former university professor and currently is on the Advisory Board for the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management.  Dr. Coombs has been researching crisis communication for the past 30 years and develop the situational crisis communication theory. His crisis communication research has won multiple awards from professional organizations including the Jackson, Jackson & Wagner Behavioral Science Prize from the Public Relations Society of America, the Pathfinder Award from the Institute of Public Relations in recognition of his research contributions to the field and to the practice.  His books include the award-winning book Ongoing Crisis Communication, coediting the Handbook of Crisis Communication (first and second editions), and co-writing Communicating in Extreme Crises:  Lessons from the Edge. Dr. Coombs has conducted crisis training for government agencies, corporations, and non-profits in the US, Europe, and Asia.