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Risk & Crisis Communication
Webinar Series

Live Interactive Webinar

Cvete Koneska - Global Risk Trends - The Geopolitical Landscape in 2023


    Thursday February 23 , 2023

    At 04:00 PM CET

    Live Webinar Session has ended now.

About the webinar:
Cvete will be reviewing the global risk trends for 2023, with a focus on the geopolitical areas of interest.

What you'll learn:
➡️ Expert analysis from a leading geopolitical risk advisor on we need to be paying attention to this year
➡️ The rise of geopolitical risk on risk registers and boardroom agendas
➡️ The likely impact areas of these risks?
➡️ How risk and crisis communication professionals can support their organisations navigating these risks in this increasingly uncertain global risk landscape

About Cvete Koneska:
Cvete joined Dragonfly, a global risk advisory firm, in 2022. She leads Dragonflys global advisory practice, working closely with businesses, investors, and governments, helping them operate securely and successfully in complex environments across the globe. She has more than 10 years of experience in political risk analysis and consulting. Prior to joining dragonfly, cvete worked for a sustainability research and data firm, and for leading political risk consulting firms.  Cvete has published extensively in academic and industry publications and holds a dphil in politics from oxford university. She speaks macedonian, english, spanish, and is fluent in several balkan languages.